This period of isolation has been a wonderful time for self-reflection and I have enjoyed the quiet calm of being outside working on my yard, clearing the refuse from last year. Granted I am typically accompanied by an enthusiastic two-year-old and the air is thick with uncertainty and fear, but for the first time since my childhood, I have had the time to take a breath and realign. Soon life will return to the freeway at speeds of 20 mph over the speed limit, but when it does hopefully I will remember to stop and take a breath and we can try to scrape together a couple of hours to get out on the water in search of where the fish are biting.



This is taken from my journal depicting the panfish of Indiana. I had been chipping away at this page all March as I thought about the upcoming season change and time spent on the water. I added color sitting with my son as he paints with watercolors.



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